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    Who We Are

    Our History
    In response to the impersonal practices plaguing the financial services sector, Harlan Schonfeld created an accessible and independent practice built on his expertise in commercial bankruptcy and insolvency as well as extensive industry and real-world experience. Schonfeld Inc. Receivers + Trustees was established to find effective solutions to financial problems, while simultaneously supporting clients through every step.

    Since its inception in 1999, Schonfeld Inc. Receivers + Trustees has grown to include a team of senior consultants who share the vision of providing exceptional service to clients. Moreover, in achieving effective solutions to the unique financial difficulties facing a diverse clientele, Schonfeld Inc. Receivers + Trustees has steadily increased its already broad knowledge base.

    Currently, our team of dedicated professionals continues to ensure that our clients have the financial tools and personal support necessary to optimize control over financial situations amid an ever-shifting landscape.

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